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Soon mmjmania will have a new look, be more user friendly, and provide an even greater service. These changes will begin taking place in 2004.


Currently we have been in communications with the RECA Foundation a local organization that helps area non-profits with their IT needs. We have designed a new more professional looking website and are interested in having RECA host our site, however while we wait for our 501 (C) (3) status we must be sponsored by another non-profit.


We are currently seeking board members, and (or) sponsorship. If you (or) someone you know are interested in sponsoring Medical Marijuana Mania with the RECA Foundation, (or) would like to volunteer an hour or two each month as a board member please contact us below.   



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Pain must be regarded as a disease... and the physician's first duty is action--heroic action--to fight disease.

--Benjamin Rush


"If you drink 20 beers in your house, if you drink yourself to death, the police don't care, but if you smoke a marijuana cigarette, they'll arrest you."

------Texas Rep. Ron Paul, R-Surfside, a physician and former Libertarian presidential candidate.------

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